⚜️For the professional or civilian protector dealing with combatives around vehicles is something we should think about ahead of time. Having the capability to bring a force multiplier with you that gives you more accuracy out to distances that are difficult to effectively engage with a pistol is tactically sound. Carrying a weapon system with you that is a more stable firing platform due to an increased number of contact points with your body can give you a tactical advantage.

The MCK is a fantastic weapon system for Urban in close-quarters environments. It is compact enough to do many things inside of a vehicle that you hopefully will not ever have to do but it also gives you the support you need if you need to get out of that vehicle and continue fighting to your next safe location. I believe this weapon system is something that every professional and civilian Protector should acquire.

Finally, the concealability along with the available body armor options it can carry within various daypacks such as the @511tactical almost makes it a no-brainer. If you’re going into a bad situation then bring yourself some backup in the backpack.

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