I was never that good at anything… I didn’t start out in decent shape physically, I was a soft chubby kid. I was never good at school, because my ability to read and write was terrible #Dyslexia4Life. When I tried to play baseball I struck out most of the time. When I started playing football it hurt and honestly my mom had to force me to keep going to practice. When I began lifting with my high school 6A football team, it became apparent how weak I actually was. I was told I’d never make it as a Marine and when I got there, I was barely able to keep up. On my very first international executive protection operation I crashed a car.

Since then I’ve overcome these things. I have acquired a masters degree amongst other scholarly achievements. I’ve become a published author. I have my own executive protection school that is thriving. I feel physically fit, capable and healthy. Iv lead men in combat… I’ve learned to face my fears and now seek to stand between good and evil consistently.

With the right attitude and the right perspective, everything that happens to you can become a steppingstone, can contribute to your evolution and your intelligence. Every mistake you make or imperfection you see when you look in the mirror has the potential to be another log that fuels your furnace of personal growth. If you focus on fueling that fire, eventually you will rise like a phoenix towards the highest version of yourself. And from up there, flying above circumstances that used to hold you down and over weaker versions of yourself that you have since overcome, you will be able to lead and make contributions that will enrich your life and the lives of others in ways you’ve only dreamed of. KEEP TRYING. Because hard work is a FORTRESS
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