To all of you who have been with me and supported the brands over the years a big huge merry Christmas!

The opportunity to serve all of you has been one of the greatest honors of my life.

Thank you for being here, thank you for listening, thank you for participating, and thank you for contributing to the mission of making the world a safer place by helping good people to be more willing and capable, and prepared.

To all the protectors out there working today just as I am. Do the deed with honor, vigilance, and strength. Thank God for the opportunity to serve and serve to the best of your ability today and every day you have the opportunity. Remember that protection and warrior-ship is one of the highest levels of service because we must train in order to fulfill our duties.

You will have time with your family but right now it’s time to provide for your family by rendering an honorable service to those who trust in us.

To everyone else, thank you, and let’s continue to get better together this year.


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Byron Rodgers

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