Females in the Executive Protection Industry have so much to offer like us all. Miranda is is an amazing example of that as her words come true and experience doing this work all over the globe. She has a truly amazing story with more than just a cool tactical background. She brings with her the experience of being on the receiving end of kidnapping and abuse, and many other evils we all aim to mitigate in the world.

She is truly an amazing human to me for a few reasons but primarily because she has transmuted those things that were meant for evil in her life into a source of power and a drive that empower her to make sure these things happened to fewer people on the planet during her time here. This is an interview about real-world experiences, tactics, and also best practices. There is something for everyone in here… Enjoy!

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Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

01:00 – Introduction
07:08 – Preparing yourself
13:13 – Making the world a safer place
22:44 – One skill that protects everything
30:58 – The fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world
40:27 – The hardest lesson learned
52:00 – Opportunity controls Loyalty
59:08 – End Credits

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