Monday is a temperature gauge… It lets you know if you are on or off track. For some, Mondays are a drag, something like the next step in a slow, long, helpless death. On Monday morning we are all reminded of our work and thus reminded of what we are choosing to do with our lives. The way this day makes you feel means everything because it is a snapshot of your true positioning on the map towards your God-given destiny. Monday tells you how in or out of congruence you are with your highest self. The farther you are off of your path the more painful this day will be. I do not mean difficult because the difficulty is just organic to progressing and great things also require much suffering. But I mean painful as in that feeling that you are smothering, drowning, or searing off a part of your own soul.

Monday takes the compounding pressure of the week’s requirements to produce and crams them all into one realization that usually hits us like a Mack truck right after the alarm goes off. But when you’re on your purpose, the difficulty doesn’t matter because progress equates to happiness and your soul comes to life day by day. You will begin loving Monday because it is another page in the book, another blank canvas for you to continue painting your masterpiece. Monday is the day that reminds you that you are on your life‘s mission and participating in the greatest adventure available to mankind.

The journey of becoming better and giving more to the world is your mission. You can get on this path anytime you please but you will have to unlearn what you think you know, there will be crazy leaps of faith and deaths to weaker versions of yourself. I want you to know with all my heart that it is totally worth it and it can all start on any given Monday.

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