My Battle Rifle – PWS MK114 M1

My PWS rifle is by far the best rifle I have ever used. I actually stumbled across PWS ( @Primaryweapons ) as the result of a referral from my friend Aaron Mauldin and have been absolutely impressed with their products ever since, as a result i have acquired a handful of their rifles to date. The first things I noticed with the gun had to do with the aesthetics and the overall look of the rifle which was very pleasing to my eye from the beginning. Everything is ported and fully forged which makes the rifle not only beautiful but also very sturdy and much lighter than most. I talk more about it in the video review but the other thing that is really important for you to understand about this rifle is simply that it uses a different “LONGS STROKE PISTON SYSTEM” than any other weapon on the market and this piston system increases the rifles reliability to the point where I can genuinely say that I have not had a malfunction with mine so far other than a magazine exploding inside of the gun as a result of bad ammunition. The piston system is a hybrid fusion between the AK and M-16 systems. I’ve fired thousands of rounds through it, shot and many different shooting competitions and worked with it frequently depending on the contract I’m currently taking in the private sector. If you’re looking for a rifle that does things a little bit differently and is more reliable for it, something that is light weight and also very sexy to look at, I highly recommend Primary Weapon Systems and genuinely believe that you will not be disappointed! Anytime I am on a range or at a shooting competition and I take my rifle out, I’m proud because I know that it not only looks good but it can also perform. Use my code “BYRON” for 10% off on all purchases online with @primaryweapons or email/direct message me with any questions. For the skeptic out there, I do not get any type of kickback for this endorsement, you just save 10% if you use my code. This is a genuine endorsement based on my experience with this weapon system and this brand. For the full review visit my website coming soon.

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