The ultimate carry gun CZ P10 Hybrid

One thing I always wished Glock would have done was fuse the 19 and the 17 together and the opposite way they did for the X series. Personally, I thought it would be the perfect carry gun because you get a longer barrel length along with a Shorter pistol grip which allows for easy concealment. I’m sure they have their well thought out reasons for why they have gone the direction they have.

However, I am very happy with this new CZ-p10 H ( hybrid ) I have put together recently because it is the best of both worlds, check out the video for more info. The hybrid is not the reason I’ve switched from Glock to Cz but it is definitely an added benefit. I will generate another video and blog about my reasons for making the transition but let’s just say I’m extremely happy. Based on where I’m at as a shooter and my personal preferences, I actually prefer my CZ’s over even my Salient Glocks at the moment.

Obviously, that’s just shooters preference but it is definitely where I’m personally at the moment. I’m still gonna make some modifications to this weapon with regards to my choice of optic but here’s where I’m currently at. I don’t really feel like I need to do anything to the weapon system itself other than take it out of the box or holster and shoot it.

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