Try to perfect humility and vulnerability are true paths to confidence. And confidence is going to drive everything you can get yourself to achieve during this life. 


I’ve been blessed with a unique opportunity to watch billionaires for the last… almost 15 years. Just sitting there in the shadows and watching them. I saw how they live their lives, seeing what they are like. It’s been such an education. All I know now is to find a new purpose to unlock fulfillment. Be present with the people you love. And arrogance is the ugliest, most repulsive tragedy in the spectrum of human behavior. So, fear it.


It’s our nature to forget where we come from, to forget the pain. I always try to remind myself where I come from and who my God is and how much he’s done for me. No man is an island.


What’s on my mind today is the inadequacies of being a human. We have such a hard time remembering where we come from. What it took to get there, and the lessons we learned along the way. The people that helped us, the ones we left behind, our God. When things are good we get soft. I never want to be that guy. I never want to forget how much boot camp sucked. I never want to forget all the prayers, like “God if you just get me through this, I swear, I promise I’m never going to do that again”. 😊


Never forget! 💥BOOM!


Protector by nature and by trade


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