Black lives always mattered to me, so if there’s something that’s killing more of them, it deserves more attention. The powerful people running the show don’t care for us, they never did. If they really cared, the killings of so many black people would at least make the news! How come we’re not seeing anything in the news about black people killing each other? Because then we don’t get to call ourselves out.

It’s kind of ridiculous, it’s a result of our superficial world. According to me, it’s the higher quality problems that require all these resources, visibility, and media coverage. People think I’m special, but the truth is I am not. I grew up in a lower-middle-class family, changed my paradigm by my hard work, and have always strived to be the best version of myself. Otherwise, I would never have been where I am today. The majority of white people in America are not racist. That doesn’t mean racism never existed, it did. Our grandparent’s generation has faced it, maybe our parents too. But, that doesn’t mean we get to utilize the black privilege card now.

Normal Black People – I love you and I respect you, and for those who do not agree with me, I respect you too. The only thing holding you back in your life is you and the choices you make no matter what your skin color is.

Protector by Nature and by Trade
– Byron

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