⚜️I make the videos because I want y’all to take away learnings from these and be better prepared to face a similar situation when the time comes.

And I say this with nothing but respect for the officers on the field who do what they have to do, in order to control a dangerous situation.

An important consideration to take away from this situation where the assailant has a gun is to pay attention to his hands. The attacker in this scenario is very close to his weapon, and by the looks of it, he’s not afraid to use it.

When you’re out in the open there are a few things to remember: the movement, fire superiority, the violence of action, and speed over your opponent.

Effective communication with your subject can also prove to be very helpful in avoiding a violent encounter altogether. Most importantly, you also need to be prepared for what’s coming next. Make sure to have the medical emergency kit ready to provide aid.

Think through the situation before it happens. Much love and respect to all the protectors out there!

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