⚜️Only you… When that day comes it will be up to you to save yourself, your client, and those around you by God’s grace. This has been given to you so It’s always only ever up to you. You may have teammates around you but they will be depending on you just as they do every other day.

The truth is simply that it all counts, every thought, every decision, every action, every day. Training your heart, body, spirit, soul, and mind is up to you. Perfecting your technique, thought processes, and emotional posture is up to you. This is why it is said that greatness is not an act but a philosophy a way of life. In EP you must be great in many different areas such as proper planning, social dynamics, soft and hard combative/tactics, sometimes even politics just to name a few.

The true dichotomy of executive protection and what I find most interesting is simply that a good agent is 100% a gentleman and 100% tactician which equals 100% Security Professional. Doing it right is actually a very tall order that requires a life of daily evolution through deliberate and consistent individual action… Only the price of admission to live by the warrior code as we well know.

The point is that at the end of the day all we ever eat is the fruit of our own labor so be a good steward. Build yourself and your character well on a daily basis so that you will hold up in the furnaces of life no matter what comes. And by God’s grace if you still should fall on that day even though you have been faithful it is probable that you will still fall well which can be the highest honor I think.

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Byron Rodgers

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