⚜️ In this episode, we have the amazing Lou Valoze @louvaloze retired ATF agent and host of Operation Undercover joining us. We discuss his psychological technique to find balance, the source of his passion, what it’s like in the undercover world of law enforcement, and much more.


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Retired ATF Agent with 26 years of service, worked undercover for almost 2 decades 


The only agent in history to purchase over one thousand crime guns off the streets in an undercover capacity. Participated in the infiltration of violent street gangs, narcotics trafficking organizations, firearms trafficking organizations, and outlaw motorcycle gangs. Worked undercover in murder-for-hire schemes and conducted numerous storefront operations throughout the country. 


Author of the book “Storefront Sting: An ATF Agents Life Undercover” and host of the show “Operation Undercover”.


📚The book: https://www.amzn.com/1476688192 🎥https://investigationdiscovery.com/show/operation-undercover-guns-drugs-in-carolina-investigation-discovery-atve-us


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Podcast Show Notes

00:00 - Introduction
00:19 - Lou Valoze’s background
17:45 - Who is Lou Valoze at his core
22:40 - Where does the loyalty come from?
26:55 - Lou’s psychological technique to find balance
49:08 - Operation Undercover
57:07 - Closing questions


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