Overcoming “NO“ in other countries. Everything is somewhat malleable, very few things are definites, so if your meeting friction or resistance while trying to get something done it simply means you probably haven’t spoken to the right person in the right way yet. Something I’ve learned about traveling and working in the private security game is that “no” doesn’t necessarily mean something can’t be done.

Usually, it means something more like… You haven’t found the right way to get the person to want to do what you need to get done yet. Leverage your local assets because they hopefully have the relationship currency/equity to get things done that you could not dream of but be sure to take care of them for taking care of you. There’s far more room to bend rules and make moves in other countries in my experience to find a respectful and courteous way of challenging that “no” and you’ll usually overcome it.

In many cultures they simply expect you to barter or pay for things so the first answer is almost always “no.” Understand the cultures of the places you’re traveling to you and your journey will run more smoothly. Whether you know the customs within that culture or not, leading with humility and respect will always get you further than using most any other tools of social dynamics you might rather want to utilize. Simply validate the person, listen to their concerns and respectfully see what can be done. Cash won’t get you to heaven but it sure can’t solve a lot of problems here on earth. King Solomon talks about that in the book of Ecclesiastes.

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