⚜️ Overlanding is something I’m starting to get into a little bit more these days. It’s not just about the vehicle but it’s about being able to be self-reliant. Learning how to bug out of an urban environment with your family and sustain ourselves in the wilderness is a skill I believe we should all have. Honestly, I think we are all safer the closer we are able to live within a natural environment. 


For this reason, I’m going to be moving a lot of the Protector Nation in the direction of overall self-reliance and I believe mobility is a huge part of that. So standby for more to come and if you’ve got any tips, tools, tricks, or companies that want to be involved in the community and what I’m doing please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly through our website at protectornation.com


In this video it’s my first trip so I’m just learning the basics. Had a buddy getting rid of a 2016 H2 for next to nothing so I snatched it up and it’s going to be my project! Run into some hills that take me a few times to get up and over but we were able to get it all done. Learning how to air down tires and hanging with really close friends. 


Luke Agajanian was our guide, he is also the one that got me into executive protection. Got me started in competitive shooting and has almost been something like a big brother over the years. He’s basically the king of all outdoors and combat-centric hobbies. Master class shooter, a black belt in jujitsu, etc. Go follow him and check out his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC74wjSzIaz8cKGxvf4CUyCQ.


On this trip, we are just getting to know our gear and seeing what our vehicles can do but this is just the beginning. Stay tuned… ???BOOM! 


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Special thx to my buddy Luke @lukeashoots



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