⚜️ For this podcast episode we have Anderson Herbert is the CEO and Managing Director for APS Security LLC, @Aps_Security founded by him in 2011. We discuss many topics… pls refer to the show notes below for details.


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💻 https://linkedin.com/in/aps-security-248b621a1


Podcast Show Notes

00:00 - Introduction
05:22 - Presidential lifetime achievement award recipient
14:52 - The hardest thing about EP
30:15 - His favorite part of being a company owner in EP
31:28 - Where is the EP industry heading to
35:00 - Advice for people starting their own business
40:44 - His favorite client demographics
41:05 - Closing questions



He is a US Virgin Island native, and ex-professional athlete. APS Security LLC got its start 10 years before its founding, as Mr. Herbert took the security sector by storm.  As a Certified Protection Officer (CPO), International Travel Expert, Weapons Instructor, and licensed Private Investigator with over 20 years of private security experience he entered the realm of Security and Executive Protection.  He has led teams in numerous high-profile events and has been in charge of special events at multiple venues. 




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