Here are are some of the quotes from this power-packed video :

Pain is your way out! It teaches you to attack the attacker, you get ambushed and you’re in the kill zone – the only way for you to get out is to attack the attacker!

Run directly straight into gunfire, run directly into the ambush and fight your way straight through the opposition.

Your fears are your target indicators, they literally let you know what direction you need to fight in and strike in, in order to grow the most.

When you keep running from things, it is depleting you psychologically, it is eating you away.

Your salvation with regards to anything you want on this planet is on the other side of pain and when you start living with a fearless approach, you realize that the pain you fear is really the worst part of the entire battle.

As long as you live through the junk, you come out stronger and you realize that you are literally not that fragile.

Fear motivates people not to go and achieve their greatness. Become the alchemist of the things you fear.

Focus on the regret that you will feel if you don’t take the shot. Focus on THAT!

Nothing is going to do more for your self-confidence than using your sense of personal pride to overcome your present fears.

Fears represent levels and portions of yourself, weaknesses in your psychology that you must destroy in order to go to the next level.

What you’re managing is not your situation, what’s so bad about your life is not your situation, it is your MIND that makes you THINK that you situation is good or bad. your mind will also have to evolve if your going to change your situation.

You need to learn to manage your mind, that’s where all your pleasure is, that’s where all your pain is, thats where the growth must happen!

By controlling what you can control, you really can create what you want to see!

By the grace of God, if you’re faithful and consistent and you go ahead and do what’s necessary, you cannot loos. Because halfway up the mountain you will realize that the gurney is the prize!

Life’s so loving and fair, that it won’t give what you want it to you until you’re strong enough to withstand the burden of your blessing.

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