“I’ve learned so much more from pain than I’ve ever learned from pleasure”

Pain isn’t bad… I think one of the greatest tragedies of the value system that’s been socially engineered to drive our culture these days is simply that we have been trained to avoid pain and seek pleasure. This is literally a recipe for disaster in life… It’s the exact recipe for becoming a week, feeble, vulnerable dependent human.

The goal wasn’t to send us here so we could just have fun, I believe the goal has always been for us to fashion higher quality forms of character here so we can make contributions both in this life and the next.

Pain is the only route to growing stronger.

Pain is the only route to getting better.

Pain is usually the only route to understanding vulnerability and deep truths

Pain is simply an integral component of progress.

Would you even enjoy pleasure if you were not acquainted with pain?

There are however different types of pain… Some are good and some are bad but what truly makes them so are the things we choose to believe about those experiences and the meaning we give to at all. Because I have found the purpose within the pain in all of the situations in my life, I’ve been able to unlock the potential in those processes. Therefore through leveraging purpose I see value in at all and would never give a single one of them back. Dare I say that those painful events increased me more than any positive triumphant event ever has. The things you gain through pain no one can take from you. I would go so far as to say that what is stopping you from becoming your best self is your aversion to pain and once you simply accept the fact that you need to deal with it until you become stronger than it… You will stay stagnant and weak. We all struggle with these things but I’m here to draw your attention to the reality, the beauty, the productivity and the providence found through The pain of your past present and future. Do not go gently…

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