I know it’s not Thursday but this is part of me.… Never forget where you come from, never forget where you’ve been. And for everything you’ve endured, overcome and been bludgeoned by, never stop endeavoring to make it all worth it. Don’t let the struggles you’ve endured be in vain by not learning from them, growing from them and causing them to change you in productive ways. Additionally, no one cares until you win. Moreover most humans simply cannot afford to do much in the way of saving you because they must save themselves. If we dig deeper we will find that you must save yourself before you can save others and even then you still may not be able to save the ones you love from the predatorial nature of bad decisions made in this reality. Respect the sovereignty that we each have over our lives while endeavoring to be strong enough to save those who will choose their righteous path. Choose to live the rest of your life in a way that will bring honor to your name and your God. Do this regardless of what you’ve gone through, because of who you are becoming and with consideration of where you intend to go. The rest is in HIS hands and the past is only as valuable as the meanings you give it all. The same fire melts the draws and purifies the gold simultaneously.

CHECKOUT ? • @groupcoalition Byron had a pretty crazy experience in Iraq. One of the craziest near-death experiences I’ve heard. Episode 10 is on iTunes, Stitcher, Podcast Republic, and Google Podcasts now. @byron_rodgers

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