Real-world violence…

How do you survive it?

How do you avoid it?

How can you protect others through it?


These are the types of things we will study during this podcast episode. This episode is based on my YouTube series called “Tactical Protection Reviews“.


The YouTube series has over 100 videos of me (#ByronRodgers) reviewing real-world violent encounters to educate the public on ways to first and foremost live a safer life and what to do to protect and win instead of being a victim.


This specific podcast episode will be better watched on my YouTube channel so I invite you to go to https://youtube.com/user/TheByronRodgers and watch this hour of education from start to finish.


The funny thing about protection is that everyone thinks it comes down to you having a gun or a knife to defend yourself when in all actuality if you have to get physical there is quite a bit you’ve already done wrong.


The real Jedi-level art of this game has to do with understanding soft skills. The soft skills of protection will help you recognize, avoid or stop dangerous situations before they start.


No matter what your level of physical potency is, my goal with these videos is to help you and your loved ones lead a safer and higher quality life.


Share this episode with the people you love to get them the education that can empower them to live more safely as well. There is something in this podcast for absolutely everyone! ?BOOM!


Visit my YouTube channel here ??? https://www.youtube.com/user/TheByronRodgers


Show Notes:

00:00 – Introduction

02:48 – Armored transport attack

11:50 – Street shootout

19:43 – Women and guns

27:37 – Dancing queen

34:50 – CCW Defense

40:00 – CCW Protects Family

47:26 – Gunfights and tactical positioning

54:27 – Freeway Police

1:01:32 – LAPD Gut check

1:08:13 – Fighting an armed robber

1:11:25 – How to attack in self-defense

1:20:11 – Child abduction chemical attack

1:26:54 – Park mugging

1:33:29 – Gas station shootout



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