Phillip is simply a special type of protector. He served with some of our best warriors as a Navy Seal and now he serves the protector community through his blade company. He sells Karambit @karambitcom to protectors all over the world making sure we can get the tools in our hands to do the job when it counts.

The boys aren’t just for self-defense but they have many practical applications for everyday life. I’ve got a lot of respect for this man not only because of his military career but also because of the missions he has chosen to pick up and take on as a civilian.

He’s a motivational speaker, a pastor and a warrior of the highest order. He puts events together for men, veterans and those who want to build themselves internally as well as externally.

It’s not often you meet another warrior on the battlefield who is just as strong in the spirit as he is in the physical but those warriors are truly the ones that make all the difference on the battlefield in my experience.

Beyond all of this, he extended his hand in collaboration with all of us protectors to get our hands on our own Protector Karambit for EDC. Go on their website ( and be sure to purchase the Karambit with protector scales to wrap your favorite protection brand on an amazing protection tool. was founded in Sept 2013 in LA, California, and has since quickly become the largest supplier of high-quality custom karambits in the world. If you are interested in this wonderful style of blade for law enforcement, military, or civilian self-defense use, definitely check them out!

In this episode we talk about the practical uses for the exotic blade as well as its self-defense capabilities… I’ve carried this blade in combat and it saved my skin for sure which is a story I tell during this episode. There’s definitely something for everyone in here.

Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

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