⚜️ In this episode, we have Yossi Levy founder and CEO of Pivot Consulting @pivot.consulting. I personally work with Yossi in Israel, and he’s one of my favorite go-to fixtures and security consultants for that part of the world. We dive into everything protection in this episode and illuminate the reality that it’s no longer enough just to have the physical layer of protection we have all spent so much time perfecting. 


💻 https://pivot-sec.com

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💻 https://linkedin.com/in/yossi-levy-285b35b8


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Podcast Show Notes

00:00 - Introduction
01:48 - Who is Yossi Levy at his core
05:20 - Israel: small country, innovative giant
14:36 - What is Yossi Levy’s background
17:41 - How the Private Security industry is evolving
53:41 - The professional witness for the Texas State shooting 
58:59 - About DSSR
1:08:39 - The Trip
1:19:03 - Closing questions


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