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⚫️The reason I don’t post pictures with clients. considerations around clients in social media. The reason I don’t do it is because I don’t want my social media presence to negatively impact my clients reputation ever. Additionally I never want to draw more attention to my client or the relationship I have with that individual. Maybe if you’re the type of guy who is working with multiple clients all the time and you’re constantly posting pictures with all of them, it could be less of a concern but for me personally, I am on the side of ambiguity as much as possible. Beyond that client confidentiality is a concern and something that professionals should view as a sacred art in my opinion. You might speculate who I’ve worked for, you might be able to figure it out by researching open source information but the goal is that you never are able to really know for sure and the information you do think you have didn’t come from the professional, speculation is speculation. Am I still working for that client or is that one out of nine clients I work that month alone?
Certain clients I do have that are simply public knowledge as a result of the methods of protection required to secure the account are slightly different with regards to these considerations, however I still think it is wise to maintain the compartmentalization as much as possible even in these instances. Private clients are private clients and public clients are public ones. It is always important if you’re going to be in the spotlight simply never to give the public anything you cannot take back. Additionally you must also consider that public opinion and the tastes of those you work for can be as seasonal as human nature so what you once were admired for can also become something that hurts you over the trajectory of your relationship, this is where the compartmentalization becomes very important. Respect, professional courtesy and also as a matter of strategy you want to make sure that your reputation never negatively impacts that of those who trust you or vice versa. Beyond all of these things there are also security concerns with regards to visibility that should be carefully considered.

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