Father help me to enjoy and be thankful for what you’ve given me but never to idolize it.

Father help me to appreciate who I’m becoming while aspiring to become more but never to think that it is my strength alone that will achieve my God-given destiny.

While I must become my best to accomplish all that you’ve given me, please let me never forget that it is your supernatural guidance, influence and help that empowers me to achieve your will during my time on this planet.

Father help me to understand and be patient with my imperfection while empowering me never to tolerate it and fail to try to become better.

Father thank you for the grace, strength and guidance that you give me and help me not to be distracted so as to let all of your beautiful blessings that come in the form of both pain and pleasure to be waisted on me in vain.

Father help me to become all that you’ve created me to be so that I can help usher in your kingdom in the way that you want because in the end that’s all that matters.

Father I know that many are called but few are chosen. So thank you for continually sculpting me into a man you can be proud of as I continually choose to answer the call. Thank you for giving me the strength to lean into your purpose for my life and for the contributions I’m here to give to humanity.

Father help me to always be a servant to you and humanity in the way that you’ve purposed.

Father thank you for empowering me and being your embodiment of the ultimate Profit, Priest and King on this earth, your SON.

And finally I think you’ve trained my hands for battle and that you stand with me against the darkness we both face on this planet.

In Jesus name amen.

Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

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