Usually I ignore things like this but I want you guys to know out there in the industry that we are having quite a bit of success with the service we’ve been providing to private security professionals. I also want everyone to know that I take full responsibility for my patrons, peers and those who choose to do their careers with me through the training day opportunity. I work with them all on a weekly basis and they have access to me infinitely, it’s part of the package. So I’m there when they win, I’m there when they fail and I am there to help them along their entire journey. We do our careers together, LITERALLY!
I do everything I can to set them up for success.

I genuinely believe that this course gives the executive protection practitioner more value over the course of their career than many other courses in the game and I believe we stand by that. Now that the testimonies of success are rolling in, the theories I’ve personally used to acquire success in the private security industry right now are crystallizing into principles and strategies that have proven themselves useful for many other professionals.

In this course you will
– [ ] Learn one way to do executive protection very well.
– [ ] Get infinite access to the class work and lesson plan and your instructor.
– [ ] Join an active network designed to share opportunities.
– [ ] I will market you to the executive protection industry personally.
– [ ] Have access to weekly coaching/strategy sessions with myself and other instructors designed to keep you on the path towards success
⭕️ This is also the most affordable high-quality training opportunity that I am aware of in the industry at this time but it WILL NOT stay that way… OPPORTUNITY waits for no one.

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