⚜️ For this Protector Nation podcast I’m excited to have as my guest Sydney Gordon @sjgcore founder and CEO of Core Medical Group and host of The Sidney Gordon Podcast🎙️. We discuss all things Core Medical Group, some of the dangers to our health in popular culture, peptides, and much more.


A must watch 👀 and listen 🎧



Sidney Gordon is the founder and Practice Manager of Core Medical Group, one of the top five functional medicine and hormone replacement practices in the country, currently treating over 4,500 patients annually. He is an entrepreneur fueled by his passion for improving the way others do business. 


Gordon loves investing in other businesses and companies that inspire him, as this allows him to mentor and share his knowledge and leadership expertise. Gordon’s advice to entrepreneurs: “Make sure your employees realize that your business is the most important thing in the world to you. Make them feel valued because an employee who feels valued and safe is an employee for life”. 


🔗 Learn more about Core Medical Group at 👉https://coremedicalgrp.com/byron-appts


Podcast Show Notes
00:00 - Introduction
09:45 - Who is Sidney Gordon at his core?
18:07 - What does Core Medical Group do?
28:05 - Females at Core Medical Group?
31:10 - About peptides
55:51 - Core Medical Group’s event
58:20 - Closing questions


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