This interview with Andrei was fantastic, he in some ways seems to be a very simple man but in other ways, he’s very sophisticated. He explains that he is a perfectionist while at the same time he has a funny European sense of humor. What I found most interesting and inspirational about this conversation is that it reinforces much of what should be known about the true warrior spirit.

Real warriors are not fighting because they want to be tough or because they even like or want to combat most of the time. The truest, longest lasting and hardest warrior to defeat is the man who is fighting for his tribe. It’s the man who is fighting not to glorify himself but to protect, provide, and serve all of the people he loves whether they’re beside him or behind him.

Andrei, throughout this interview, consistently makes the point that he is fighting for the people he loves and as a result, he has not only been able to fight longer than many others have but also to have a very rich and fruitful career as a fighter in the UFC.

I give much respect to this former heavyweight champion not only for his accomplishments but also for the type of man he is and continues to try to be as he moves on in his life. He is one very good example of a protector, provider, and a true warrior through and through. You’ll understand once you hear the interview, enjoy!

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Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:00 – Introduction
02:15 – Former UFC Heavyweight Champion
03:43 – What keeps you going
08:10 – Fueled by all the people who love you
13:08 – Advice for anyone who wants to become a fighter
16:28 – Being a warrior
21:51 – The hardest lesson from your fighting career
26:55 – What would you say about Fear?
32:00 – Your proudest moment
35:05 – How would you like to be remembered?
38:47 – What do you see for the future?
39:51 – End Credits

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