With so much going on around the topic of COVID-19 I figured it would benefit all of us to hear from a very close friend of mine who is operating on the front lines, he works urgent care in Las Vegas where there’s quite a break out right now. His name is Kirk Robinson and he was my Corman back when I was in the Marine Corps, we fought in a war together and still talk on a weekly basis to this very day.

Recently I posted a video with him sharing some experiences he’s having with different patients and Instagram actually banned the video… I figured since I’m not free to share my thoughts, his experiences or anything outside of their narrative on their platform; I figured I just use my own because what I think is most important is to have more opinions and more critical thinkers and more experiences brought to light on this issue.

The goal of this podcast is to give the listener a realistic perspective on what people are experiencing with regard to this virus on a daily basis. Doc Robinson is what we called him in the Marine Corps so that’s why you hear me refer to them as throughout the interview. Nonetheless, he is seeing patients who are actively dealing with this virus on a daily basis and our message is simply that the only thing to fear is fear itself. Understand the problem, come up with an efficient strategy, and move forward boldly. I believe this podcast will be the first in a series… ENJOY


Itinerary of information during the episode :

00:58 – Introduction
02:56 – Covid-19 Perspective
05:06 – The virus
10:43 – Live VS Dead Vaccinations
15:14 – Returning to work
19:47 – The realistic perspective
29:01 – Your body is fighting a war inside of you
35:51 – How to navigate and prevent from getting COVID
39:18 – The fear around
45:35 – Fight better
46:56 – End Credits

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