Mike Shaw was a police officer for 10 years where he served various roles in patrol and drug task force operations. He took training seriously and found ways to improve his fitness, shooting abilities, and tactics. He began a couple of years ago growing his social media with the intent to help others, motivate people (especially police) to train and stay fit.

This is where I saw quite a bit of crossover because my brand is also geared towards people who see protection as more than just a job because we all know it requires a lifestyle to truly be able to perform at a respectable level with regards to our craft. We cover a wide variety of topics during this interview, some controversial, and some will simply reinforce what it is you already know.

At the end of the day, Mike Shaw is the type of guy I’d like to have with me when the rubber meets the pavement because he puts the hours in to be the type of guy who can be depended on and that’s what I hope to see more professionals strive to be like within the first responder and private security communities… The funny thing is that this way of life and these principles are also parallel within the civilian world so put in the work because in order to be the man you’ve got to become the man and that requires a process.

Itinerary of information during the episode :

00:57 – Introduction
03:02 – About Mike
06:32 – One of the worst things ever seen
10:30 – A self-taught man
12:46 – Bring power back to the agent
16:59 – Using social media to your advantage
21:17 – Police officers exists because people need them
26:20 – Who are you at the core?
30:43 – Widening the sphere of your influences and relationships
39:56 – Rules of engagement
46:08 – The police do a f***** amazing job
50:13 – You need to get your shit together
55:33 – How to be an Executive Protection Agent
01:02:49 – Enforcement is actually a small portion of the job
01:10:19 – The impact you can have on somebody’s life
01:16:59 – Good men are violent controlled violence
01:20:11 – How you start your day
01:27:37 – We’re being forced by politicians and media to be distracted
01:32:23 – End Credits

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