Tim Larkin is a lifelong martial artist who has been living the mission of helping good people become more willing capable and prepared to deal with violence for decades. It’s truly an honor to be able to join forces with him for this episode as he brings a number of real-world experiences and a wealth of knowledge to his target focus and a hand combat discipline.

This is an art he’s been teaching to law-enforcement and military professionals for many years along with responsible civilians who want to understand the inner workings of violence. He has a well-established and very robust brand that you can genuinely get lost in but that will really help you not only on a physical level but on a psychological level understand the inner workings of violence. This is something everyone should truly seek to understand before being faced with needing to know how to deal with it effectively.

Violence is down and dirty, it’s not pretty by any means so many people shy away from understanding it but one of the things we talk about in this episode is simply the fact that through understanding it you can become a better person on many different levels… additionally I am very excited and honored to join forces with him on our new protector nation project so look forward to learning much more from him there as well. This episode has something for everyone. ENJOY!

For More https://timlarkin.com/

Itinerary of information during the episode :

00:54 – Introduction
02:10 – Self-protection
05:14 – ‘Violence’ being the buzzword
07:35 – Keep charging forward
11:01 – A hard choice to make
15:38 – Our real potential enemies
24:20 – Real Violence
30:30 – Use of justified lethal force
40:25 – The George Floyd situation
46:06 – Healthy ego
50:31 – Considerations with respect to people
01:16:40 – The Protector Nation concept
01:24:47 – Life is worth protecting
01:40:50 – End Credits

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