With everything we are facing as a nation and all of the changes that are taking place extremely rapidly within American culture, I am truly honored that Mike Glover is doing what he is doing in the world. With an extensive background and army special forces, the CIA, and creating counterterrorist task forces, Mike has lived a life that has prepared him to make the types of contributions American news needs right now. Between fieldcraft survival and American contingent just to name a few, he has created a full spectrum of organizations that can truly help Americans not only be prepared but also require the training they need to be forced multipliers to protect themselves and their families during times of disaster and turbulence.

Mike is a different type of leader with a full spectrum of tools that I rarely see in one person. His experience, intellect, ability to teach and speak along with his real-world experience to make him one of the kind. Additionally, with the experience, he’s had out in the field creating and managing successful teams an austere environment has given him the ability to run his multiple corporations and an extremely high-level
benefits to the end-user that are rarely seen these days. I’m honored to be connected with them and I will forward to everything that has to come as his contributions of all and as we get the range together.

This episode is all about being prepared for the worst, detecting deception in our culture, and understanding what it truly takes to keep yourself and your family safe… ENJOY!


Itinerary of information during the episode :

00:57 – Introduction
02:56 – My background
06:09 – The private security industry
11:49 – Social dynamics
14:03 – Create an environment based on co-operation
18:40 – Who you are at your core
22:12 – Sense of purpose
31:09 – Chaos is a different type of intelligence
37:46 – Contingency-based planning
47:37 – Mental mapping
54:34 – Insurgency
58:57 – The right strategy and tactics to implement humanization
01:05:26 – What would you want to draw people’s focus to
01:22:10 – Becoming resourceful
01:36:09 – Being conscious enough to listen
01:41:10 – End Credits

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