Protector Nation Podcast EP15: Build Yourself Up

I have always spoken of firearms as the ultimate equalizer. It doesn’t matter how strong, weak, big, or small, if you know how to use a gun, you have a say on the outcome of a situation with regards to humans. This is why I believe all females should really take a serious understanding of how to use multiple weapon systems but in this case Firearms specifically.

Gina is a woman who has chosen to do something in order to empower new shooters and most specifical women on their journey of becoming confident with Firearms. What I respect about her is simply that she hasn’t chosen to wait until she’s perfect for the most involved with regards to combat arts but she’s chosen to train with and train others while she’s on her journey.

The results are truly priceless as she has assembled her shooting club and has positively impacted the lives of many new shooters. I wanted to have her on the show for this episode in order to discuss the best way to get female shooters started, great pistols for females, and grace other subjects along those lines. The reality simply is that we all know women we would like to keep safe and to teach to defend themselves and this episode will give all of us insight on how to do that more effectively. Thanks to Gina.

Itinerary of information during the episode :

00:54 – Introduction
01:38 – The ultimate equalizers
05:28 – The feeling of being vulnerable
08:36 – Your mission with this brand
16:34 – Gina Gamz (@_belle_stars)
23:41 – We train for something we hope we never have to use
35:13 – Concealment and firearm selection
38:52 – Different guns for different occasions
44:02 – Judging a book by it’s cover
50:35 – Pushing the distance
58:02 – Where can people find you?
59:50 – End Credits

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