Joanna is a different type of tactical instructor. She’s not a Navy seal, law enforcement, or special forces operative of any type but rather she is a woman who has experienced the evil she now fights against. As she travels across the United States aiming to contribute to the protection IQ of everyday people, she brings with her a gift that came at a high price.… Experience.

She has been honored with the tragedy she now fights in the world by helping those who don’t understand protection learn how to protect themselves. After her own tragic attack, one in which she was victimized for hours on end, she has now risen from the ashes of that tragedy stronger on a mission to empower the public in a way that will make sure these types of events happen less frequently as a result of a more competent public with regards to personal protection.

Tragedy affects us all in many different ways but the thing I respect most about her is simply that she has chosen not just simply be a victim but rather she has chosen to leverage her experiences in order to help everyone including herself grow stronger from them. This is the type of mental alchemy I speak of so frequently and with her brand vogue defense, she brings to bear a very intriguing synergy of everyday life, fashion, and the weapons/tactics of personal protection.

In my opinion, this makes her a hero of the highest order. It’s an honor to be able to share her story, her experiences, and her opinions on this podcast. This episode has something for everyone including much of her real-world story, tips, and tactics for women getting into personal protection, and also discussion about moral high ground between men, women, and mortal combat. ENJOY!

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Itinerary of information during the episode :

00:54 – Introduction
04:34 – The need of having a weapon
08:07 – Self-Defense Tools
11:12 – Vogue Defense
18:09 – A certified firearm instructor
24:04 – Being strong for a reason
32:17 – Should women carry firearms
43:13 – It’s the mindset that keeps you prepared
47:13 – The value of training
54:44 – My personal experience in the range
01:08:42 – Making true connections with people
01:15:43 – The deepest sorrow experienced in life
01:21:33 – Deriving your greatest strength
01:43:10 – End Credits

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