Tom Leitner of Adaptiv Concepts is many things, the modern-day mountain man, Combatives Instructor, Tactical Driving Instructor, edged Weapon self-defense practitioner and it’s truly all very impressive. What interests me most however about this man is his philosophies, ethos, and his paradigm. Many of us who have seen the Darkside of the moon already know that an individual‘s mindset is what really makes a difference in combat, self-defense, survival in everyday life.

Tom is a practitioner of many things that are combat Centric within the realm of hard skills but he’s also a practitioner of creating an adaptive and dynamic mind. I am always honored and intrigued when I run into warriors like him because I truly believe these types of individuals are the real deal. There are so many show ponies out there online these days that it’s always refreshing to dive deep into someone who not only trains themselves to be an asset physically but also knows why they believe what they believe and how to use it effectively and is a weapon mentally as well.

We dive into philosophy at times during this interview and find ourselves coming up on the other side in the realm of real-world combative. As always there’s something for everyone in this episode, enjoy!

Protector by nature and by trade

00:56 – Introduction
04:06 – The dude you’re training to face is out there
09:50 – If you don’t plan, you can’t respond
17:37 – The mind games and the perception
32:20 – Fighting weaker versions every day
41:37 – Wrestling as an art
54:00 – The person capable of violence has a choice
01:11:51 – How perceptions change
01:19:36 – Tribal Economics
01:23:15 – End Credits

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