Alex is one of the most impressive men I have met in a while in many ways. Almost every guest that has been on our shell has many amazing qualities and usually accomplishments to go along with it but the things I see in Alex are the things I hope to see more in the world around us these days. He has a big heart and he’s been in the belly of the beast long enough to know how important it is to hold humility close.

I see this dynamic with many men who have actually been to combat and seen the dark side of the moon. The real ones are usually the most humble, down-to-earth, and nicest people you’ve ever met, whereas the fake ones are always trying to act tough because they’re still trying to prove themselves to themselves and they’re afraid that people around them will somehow see through their fake armor.

Alex is the real deal, he volunteered to go overseas and fight ISIS, then he spent nearly a lifetime over there doing that work for a nation that was not his own. To be a fighter that simply stands up for right or wrong regardless of what nation you belong to is exactly the type of warrior this planet needs these days. This is a podcast about real-life struggle, combat, mindset and experience. As always there is something within this episode for everyone and I consider it a genuine honor to have this conversation with Alex.

Protector by nation and by trade

Itinerary of information during the episode :

00:53 – Introduction
06:08 – Understanding the man behind the work
13:18 – Theory will get you killed in this game
18:39 – The honest way to make money
25:54 – A real warrior
34:22 – A big tragedy
40:05 – A beautiful way to live life
46:09 – The psychology of fear
50:29 – The real fear when everything is destroyed
56:30 – Training is the answer to fear
01:01:56 – Every time you pull the trigger you need to think
01:06:53 – The things we did for humanity
01:14:09 – Managing emotions
01:25:04 – A good way to learn in the future
01:30:10 – End Credits

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AP TAC Documentario Integrale HUNTING ISIS >> Watch Video

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