Ryan of Breaking Barriers United (https://www.breakingbarriersunited.com/) is one officer that I believe is truly doing God’s work. We are currently dealing with a bombardment of divisive narratives, theories and ideas these days that simply do not solve the problems they talk about or make us stronger as a human race. For a number of reasons, there has been quite a bit of social engineering devoted to keeping us fighting one another rather than working towards solutions designed to make all of our tomorrow’s brighter, better and more unified.

As cooperate is always superior to the competition, Ryan has been doing his part as a police officer to generate educational media and content to solve problems and bring human beings closer together no matter what side or the blue line they exist on. Some of his most notable work is actually done on social media through his Instagram account @breaking_barriers_united where he does his own version of tactical reviews, tackling popular videos, to educate the public and law enforcement on ideas and tactics that make everyone better.

He’s having some high friction conversations in an effort to help us all understand on deeper levels what police officers are dealing with, doing right and also what they could be doing better in order to give the public a safer and more effective experience. Ultimately Ryan is an empowering and uniting individual with who I believe we are all blessed he’s doing the work he’s doing without our law enforcement communities but also in the greater world.

Ironically he never wanted to be a police officer I never thought he could do the job but once he began his journey, he’s found a way to contribute positively to much-needed problems and start conversations that simply need to be had. There is something in this episode for everyone. God bless and Semper Fi

Protector by nature and by trade

00:56 – Introduction
03:49 – One-sided?
08:53 – If we’re not together, we’re weaker
15:47 – Changing a generation
20:38 – Politics in Policing
28:17 – Have self-respect to give respect
35:46 – Stay motivated
40:58 – Facing adversity
47:23 – What makes law enforcement job worth it?
53:46 – Best habits in life
56:41 – End Credits

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