⚜️If you ever need to watch how Craig Douglas teaches then you had better have trained it. This is the formula one of personal protection that most do not teach or cannot teach realistically. Craig Douglas has an amazing background spending decades of studentship, instructorship and training elite fighting forces around the world. He is probably the foremost instructor within his niche when it comes to those who truly must know how to implement this discipline of protection. This type of protection is like a parachute. When you need a parachute, all you need is a parachute and I hope you never need a parachute but want you to have one if the day ever comes.

This applies to all of us because if you need to defend yourself against an enemy who is right on top of you, 5 feet in then what he teaches can truly save your life. Can you draw your CCW pistol or blade under consistent human pressure? This extremely important component of personal protection is why we have had him as one of our elite instructors for multiple live events and why he will be teaching this year at the upcoming Protector Symposium 4.0.

Beyond all of that, he is a truly modern man in every sense of the word and he dispenses content and information that helps boys become men on his platform. This episode will help you understand the theories behind what he teaches, how it applies to you no matter what your job or walk of life is and where you can start learning this rare but very important skill. Make no mistake, if what you’re learning cannot be replicated and tested safely but closely to the speed of reality then you probably shouldn’t rely on it… Don’t miss your chance to learn from him at this upcoming Protector Symposium 4.0 along with four other elite instructors who’ve been training the best fighting force is around the world for decades.… ENJOY!

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01:00 – Introduction
05:49 – Seeing the world with a unique perspective
11:32 – Righteous work
16:13 – The Hard Skills Intensive
23:30 – A more alive way of training
28:05 – Real world confrontation
33:10 – Women take physical instructions better than men
43:13 – Wrestling is viewed in practice
53:13 – A lifetime martial artist
58:49 – Learning comes from failure
01:00:14 – End Credits

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