The king of Chaz (formally known as Capitol Hill in Washington state) goes by many different names apparently, he has been called a monarch, a warlord, and also an Airbnb kingpin. He’s not on the left or the right, he’s not Antifa, he’s not autonomous for the USA surprisingly… His stage/street name is RAZ. He is a local rapper who grew up in the area, who has a deep understanding of the social and cultural climate. Lastly, his given name is Solomin Simone and he’s my cousin. As many of you know I grew up partially in the Bahamas and partially in Washington state where Solomin and I both lived at my grandma’s house for the first part of our lives. We grew up, chose our paths and now things seem to be coming more and more full circle the older we get.

Solomin has always been a free thinker, a wise young man and a force to be reckoned with. He’s a natural leader and therefore I’m not even minimally surprised that he is somewhere around the Apex of things taking place in his environment.

He’s always been a protector, he lives his life in a way that would show you that he knows he’s strong to protect the weak and make a positive difference. This is something that runs in our blood, it is a family value and it’s an example of healthy masculinity. I’m very proud of my cousin, not only for what he’s doing now within his community but also for what he’s accomplished as a man.

In this episode, we do what we wish more Americans would do, talk about current issues, respectfully disagree on some things, seek to improve our perspectives and opinions and seek to learn from one another. He also explains the truth about what’s really going on in Capitol Hill. Enjoy!

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:04 – Introduction
03:29 – People’s perception could quickly become your reality
05:23 – We should stand for what’s right
06:07 – The Natural Protector
09:18 – Being accountable
12:25 – Different people with different minds
18:21 – Conversations and Communications
25:54 – No innocent people should die
28:28 – There’s only one race
38:14 – Learn how to think
43:37 – The wealth gap
53:46 – Favourite quote or mantra
55:28 – How would you like to be remembered
01:04:20 – Fascism
01:07:09 – End Credits

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