Victor Marx is a very unique and amazing man and his story is one of restoration and metamorphic triumph on many levels. I actually met him at a marriage retreat years ago for the first time. Since then we bumped into each other on numerous occasions as we run around some of the same circles apparently.

Nonetheless, when I first heard him speak, many of my perspectives were changed forever. He has a background in martial arts and has been hailed by the Guinness Book of World Records to have the fastest firearm disarm on the planet. A few of these things may have been partial claims to fame but truly all they do is get your attention and as you bring this amazing man and to focus you begin to realize that there is so much more strength, depth, love, and contribution coming out of Mr. Marx.

Coming from a childhood laced with many different types of abuse, Victor has turned his life around and is now a world-renowned hero to children around the world for the many missions his organization conducts to snatch children from trafficking organizations. Nigeria, Cambodia, Iran, the West Bank, Iraq, Iran, and Syria are just a few places that Victor, his wife in their organization regularly conducts operations to save lives and rehabilitate victims.

I have much respect for Victor because he’s a godly man that puts more than his money where his mouth is, he puts butts in seats and boots on the ground behind his God-given mission and he seems to do it with the right heart and I think that’s all that even God can ask a man during his time here on Earth. This is an example of a protector on many levels, there is something in here for everyone, including some amazing stories from life out in the field and around the world… ENJOY!

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:02 – Introduction
03:30 – The ability to walk on both sides
06:37 – Who are you at your core?
11:04 – An ordinary guy wanting to do extra-ordinary things
15:53 – Healthy fear
19:15 – Better fulfillment of life
23:09 – Finding meaning after the military
26:58 – Free Burma Rangers
31:09 – Stop the manifestation of evil
35:35 – Restore the lives of kids and women
46:39 – Killing is Easy, Saving lives is Harder
54:29 – Biggest obstacle faced
01:16:10 – Favourite Quote or Mantra
01:18:47 – End Credits

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