In this episode, I talk about Life… Struggle… Purpose… Focus and the overall path to success. I have a series in my other podcast called “Considerations“ and this is where I just simply freestyle and share with you things I have on my mind along with tools I’ve used that have been integral on my journey to achievement.

Protection isn’t always just a physical endeavor. In fact, those who operate at the highest levels understand that much of this game we play is driven by and is simply a manifestation of the technology we are running internally and behind the scenes.

Without the right software, your hardware is useless and so from time to time, I will simply dive deep into the armory of my own heart and mind to expose and share with you all things that I believe are some of the most important components to success in life and the protection of your purpose on this planet.

At the end of the day my goal is to make, help, and contribute to the fostering of protectors on this planet and that means the cultivation of higher quality humans overall. There’s something for everyone in this episode and until we meet again I want to encourage you to; find your purpose, live with passion, and reach your destiny.

Itinerary of information during the episode :

00:54 – Introduction
01:47 – Protector Symposium 2.0
05:08 – About Instructors at the PS 2.0
08:43 – Protector Symposium Replay
12:15 – An active shooter situation
15:23 – Backbone of your society
18:41 – Executive Protection Training Day Success Package
21:06 – Making a contribution
24:24 – What drives me every single day
29:06 – The journey
36:16 – More important than wins or losses
40:44 – Respect yourself
45:49 – Stop that injustice
49:07 – Progress equals happiness
51:01 – Helping good people become more dangerous
53:10 – End Credits

Executive Protection Lifestyle Podcast

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