⚜️This episode is an extraordinary one that we’ve been looking forward to for a long time because it’s an extraordinary topic. Kelsi Sheren @kelsie_sheren is a combat veteran and artillery gunner in the Canadian military who served in Afghanistan in 2009 with the Canadian, American, and British military. As a child, she was a competitive Tae kwon do champion from the age of 4 -19 and holds a second-degree black belt and National Championship.


In this conversation, we talk about mental gear and how she used it to overcome her struggles, become a successful entrepreneur, and serve the warrior community. There’s something in this podcast for absolutely everyone who calls themselves a true warrior.


After deploying to Afghanistan at 19, Kelsi was diagnosed with PTSD & TBI and sent home only to begin a new war—the war with herself.

When her therapist recommended art therapy, Kelsi started making jewelry out of spent bullet casings. She began with a Warrior bracelet that led to the creation of a successful jewelry and eyewear brand, Brass & Unity. Twenty percent of net profits go toward helping veterans who are at high risk of PTSD, depression, anxiety, and suicide, yet fall through the cracks of the Veterans Affairs system. 



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Kelsi Sheren show notes

00:00 - Introduction
02:10 - Kelsi Sheren’s background
06:30 - It takes within the community to heal the community
11:25 - It’s not hard, it takes effort though
24:29 - Kelsi Sheren’s TBI
44:40 - The hardest lesson learned on the journey
49:29 - Kelsi Sheren’s proudest moment in the game
52:57 - Closing questions
01:04:00 - Book - Brass & Unity



🎥Video editing by @art_production07



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