Purpose – I feel really stumped when I run into people who tell me that they do not have a purpose. Frankly, you must figure out what you are and go after it. That’s what I did. I’m in love with my life, and what I’m doing. My purpose is more dear to me than most humans in my life because they’re people, they’re unpredictable. You don’t even know yourself. The situation reveals the man to himself.

Within this spectrum of crazy human behavior, you judge but never condemn. Finding your purpose is not about you sitting somewhere and finding your dream board, coming up with what you’re really passionate about. The reality of the purpose of your life is simply that you don’t deserve it till you get strong enough.

You have to get into a place where you can take faithful actions consistently, God’s not going to do that for you. With consistent efforts, when your proper plan meets opportunity, then, I promise to you, life becomes a miracle. Life comes to life, it becomes beautiful!

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