Here are some of the quotes from this power-packed video

You can tell the measure of a man by the measure of his problems

I guarantee you that there are people out there in the world doing more with less than you have right now. Someone could take what you’ve been given, what you are complaining about and win with it because of their perspective

What I have realized is that I have had so many different purposes and I kept going after them but I haven’t achieved a single one of them… But that is only made me stronger and smarter over the years and now it is all coming full circle!

The true mark of a warrior is that you’re willing to go into battle for what you believe in. When it’s the time to fight, it is the time to fight!

Because I’m willing to go after what I genuinely believe in, now I have an accumulation of skills, strength and psychic durability.

Life is giving you the struggle to strengthen you; you don’t want to be a knight in shining armor whose mettle has never been tested.

Because I’m willing to fail, I’ve been able to cultivate and develop a strength that is going to be what gets me to go where I’m going in the next phases of my life by the grace of God

If I hadn’t been inoculated to pains and failures then I wouldn’t have the character, the tactical knowledge or the skill set to succeed

Progress equals real, genuine, true happiness day by day

Success, in my opinion, is a constant unfolding; you can realize success today if you can superimpose your will over life in just a small way… It feels amazing!

Success is not just winning the battle, because sometimes you WIN, sometimes you LEARN; success is personal evolution that leads to the manifestation of a life and lifestyle that is in alignment with your higher self or best version of yourself

I have had these different purposes and paths, the crazy thing is that I haven’t achieved many of those, however, I’ve gotten more from the journey then simply the acquisition of any of those goals could have given me. What’s important is that I went through the processes because those are what have made me and will continue to refine me and you if you will submit to them

Learn what you’re supposed to learn, trust the process, be patient and apply yourself 110% to the stage of life you’re in right now

It’s not just being consistent, you have to be SMART. If you don’t become smart enough to learn what you’re supposed to learn, you are going to die TIRED, so fight SMART!

Empowerment Strategist Byron Rodgers brings you Finding Meaning After The Military


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