I know, Quarantine is inconvenient however, I believe that if you do not come out of this quarantine better than your current self, you have failed yourself. People tell me they’re bored and they don’t know what to do with themselves while in quarantine. Well, if you’re bored, you have failed yourself. You need to choose wisely, what to do with your time, which is a valuable asset.

I’m a private security professional, so I’m more active than ever now. But, if you have the opportunity to be home right now, don’t fail yourself. Get better at something, focus on important things. This is one of the most amazing opportunities you have to focus on turning negative things into positive things. Just because you have to stay at home, doesn’t mean that your life should stop.

Please do not fall into the trap of playing angry birds and video games. You need to come out stronger, smarter and faster than ever before. Now, you have the gift of time to come up with those goals, that you’ve set for your self for a long time. Turn your expectations into appreciation. Look around and thank for the things that you have, and work hard to get the things you don’t!

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