⚜️Rachel is an exemplary female protector that I have worked with before. She is a real-world legitimate protector who is advantageous to have on your detail because she has proven skills as a protector particularly as it pertains to HER NATURAL ABILITIES AS A FEMALE!


Female protectors are important to have on a team first and foremost as competent protectors but secondarily because they do allow a protection detail to have advantages that are specific to women. Every detail would benefit from having a female protector that can go many places and do many things that men can’t do or do as well. 


In the protection game, there are advantages to being either gender some of which are obvious and others which are less known. In this episode, we discuss those advantages and we go into a topic that is not discussed openly in our industry. Because it’s one of the more difficult equations we face, but it’s also something we face frequently and that is working solo. We dive deep into solo practitioner tactics and principles in this episode. So, men join us because there is definitely something in here for everyone. ??BOOM! 


Special thx to Rachel Jaay Rugato

? @racheljaay_

? [email protected]


Rachel Rugato Podcast Show Notes
00:00 - Introduction
03:53 - Rachel Rugato - the lady behind the work
16:53 - Goals before starting a detail 
23:35 - Rolling Solo
26:00 - Memorization techniques
32:59 - Gear - failure analysis
39:45 - Delegation with working solo
53:36 - People with military background vs civilians
57:54 - Methods one should adopt
01:03 - Can females be successful in EP?
01:14 - Closing questions


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