I never thought I too would end up as a rebel. No, not me…

Maybe you will understand…

I’m a man who started out with pure intentions. My heart was and has always been to serve, protect and provide for everyone around me. I’ve done things like join the military, be a first responder, a professional protector. I’ve trained, bled and strengthened myself to be a more valuable servant to the innocent my whole life.

But now I find that my culture has forgotten its warriors and I fear that I am now excommunicated.

My values are like relics of a past reality, like fossils you see in a museum. The things THEY teach my loved ones and children simply break my heart. There is no honor anymore and nothing is sacred. Many days I anguish and I am tormented in my soul watching this culture train our children how to lose at life, while they turn them into zombies right before our eyes and in our homes.

I want so badly for them to love me and except me because my motives are pure but I know that they will not understand me until it’s too late.

I know my intentions are still pure but these days I feel as if society is aiming at me. I think back to enemies I’ve slain in wars behind me and I wonder if all of them were truly as evil as I was told they were? Because I fear that soon I may be one of them simply for being a hero of yesterday.

I used to wish the world would love me because I love them all. My fuel and my power is love but I’ve had to come to grips with the simple fact and reality that the spirit of this world is the enemy of truth and very often the opposite of love.

Well my love is too strong to submit.

The love that fuels true warriors drives us to live towards death for all the right reasons.

Therefore now I am a rebel at heart and there are times when our love is also necessary.

If these words mean something to you then maybe you are a rebel as well?

Maybe we can cut a path to truth for our loved ones together…

PS I’m not a first responder I use those words to help this writing identify with people who may be in this position.

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