This is a modern American tragedy but we will see what we can learn from this situation simply because it is one that any of us could find ourselves in on a drive home from work. First and foremost, if you can leave that’s what I suggest you do so escape is the primary move. Secondarily if you need to fight make sure it is to save lives because that is truly the only thing that is easily defendable in court. Honor, the principal, your opinion, and all of these things are secondary and tertiary considerations now as a result of our new culture and society.

In the civilian format, weapons are generally used to be felt not seen, especially when facing all of this multitude. Groups of people are extremely bold and they have a tendency to find ways to angle on you. Therefore if you do produce a weapon or any type of tool don’t let it be for intimidation, leverage it in order to achieve something like moving to another safe location or ending the threat.

Your belongings and your pride will have time to heal and rebuild much faster with your freedom if you can simply stay out of situations like this. Conversely, if you can’t get out of these situations please act quickly, decisively, and as lawfully as possible

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