⚜️ For this Protector Nation podcast I have as my guest Nathan Tutor @nathan_c_tutor. We discuss his real-world encounter with a small group of people attempting to rob his woodworking shop. And how his former training kicked in and helped him manage and control the situation, instead of it managing and controlling him!!


This is why we at Protector Nation advocate civilian protector training through our Civilian Protector Project at ⚡ https://go.protectornation.com/civ-pro. So you can be better prepared when the unthinkable happens.


A must watch 👀 and listen 🎧


If you enjoy this content and want to become a better protector consider joining our growing community at 🤜http://protectornation.com.


Protector by nature and by trade


🎥 Video editing & 🎨 Graphics by @art_production07

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