WARNING: This is not an easy subject to listen to, be exposed to, or dive into but it is a reality that’s going to require many strong men and women to win the battle against evil that seeks to victimize the innocent. Please don’t make any mistake, the human trafficking epidemic impacts all of us in many more ways than we realize and in this episode, you will learn how to defend yourself and your family from these types of predators, their tactics, attacks, and threat packages are evolving every single day.

Rosie is honestly one of my favorite types of heroes. She is waging a war on the human trafficking emergency taking place within America as we speak. You’ve all been hearing about it but in this episode, you will catch a realistic glimpse of the inside track of the darkest underground railroad in existence today. Something about harming children simply seems to be the deepest, darkest, blackest evil in existence to me and we are so blessed for heroes like Rosie who have the heart and the strength to go down there and shine a light.

One of the reasons she is so special to me is because she is just one woman who purposed in her heart to make a difference for the helpless children of this world by the grace of God. Obviously, she’s a special person but has no military background, no flashy skill set… Just one humble, hard-working, imperfect woman that decided she would make a difference. These are some of my favorite types of heroes because every single one of us has the potential to be one if we can find the conviction and passion to make that same decision and when more of us make that same decision the world will become a better place for humanity by the grace of God.

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Human Trafficking Curriculum
Childhood Victories

Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

00:50 – Introduction
02:28 – Childhood Victories
5:42 – One in four girls and One is Six boys* face a form of sexual abuse in their life
10:40 – Know the family
16:44 – Prevention eduction
24:06 – The attack on values
38:26 – Body language says it all
49:43 – Be Seen and Heard© by Victor Pacini
01:02:49 – What to teach your kids
01:13:00 – Help the world to be a safer place
01:19:31 – Association for the recovery of children’s training 
01:20:51 – Protector Nation Podcast EP16: A Servant
01:21:00 – End Credits

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