To him who would be a hero, sacrifice is everything. Sacrifice is one of the most integral components to victory and ultimately lasting success that exists when it comes to what we are all contending for. At a very minimum, you must be willing to die, sacrifice yourself or at least fight like you are already dead for the thing that you hope to overcome. All higher-level virtues and thus the evolution of your being rises from this one thing… Sacrifice, discipline, faithfulness and consistent effort to painfully unlock more potential. 

In this battle, you will experience the greatest pain and the most powerful pleasure of life. The art of forfeiting what you have and who you are in order to get more consistently. This is the art of shedding your skin just like snakes and scorpions only to emerge invigorated with life. This is the art of crashing your beak against the rocks until it breaks because it has gotten too old, pulling out all of your feathers and resting until you rebuild only to emerge stronger as the mature eagles do with renewed strength.


Some people are consumed by the fires of life while others are forged by them and through a certain type of perceptual alchemy, they emerge like a phoenix. The more valuable your sacrifice, the more valuable the reward, the more valuable the reward, the more powerful you become and the more valuable your contribution of service. why service? Because the more pain you can stop, the more suffering you can end and that should need no further explanation.

In this way we make power and strength a sacred tool for making this world a better place, standing against the darkness and acting as a beacon of light… This is why the Warriors of old times were revered, respected and honored so much and this is how you can find your place in the world if you choose to walk the path of sacrifice.


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