This next episode is something special and different from what I normally do. Sean is a rock-solid warrior of his own kind. It was interesting to see so many similarities with regards to values and habits and him when we started talking during the Action Junkeez Podcast recording. He has so many powerful principles that he lives by, somewhat like mine and some are all his own but for those reasons, I wanted to invite him to our show so we could dig in.

Sean Parvi Alexander, runs a company called Rise Again with Sean Alexander ( that provides custom, tailored programs to empower you to become the person you’re meant to be. I’ve had the opportunity to interact with Sean on previous occasions as well and it was truly amazing. He truly raises the bar with his intelligent and engaging conversations. He is someone who leads by example, and truly believes that those with similar values will associate with him instantly, and those are the people, he lets in his inner circle.

During the course of the conversation, Sean describes the way he approaches his sleep pattern and his mindset surrounding that. It’s really an interesting take for sure, especially for all hustlers out there. We also talk about how important it is for us, as civilians to be on our own rather than being sheltered at every stage in our lives. Sean also goes on to describe how important it is for us to face ourselves, our worst fears first, before facing the world. I think this is something very important that often gets overlooked while life happens. He also makes surprising revelations on how most resolutions that people take at the beginning of the year do not come into force until March, all due to procrastination and that’s why, he says that the busiest month for the fitness industry is March, not January!

In the end, we also discuss that it’s not important if you get detoured from your path unless you remain to stay that way. If you’re focused and have the conviction, you’ll definitely get on the track, so hang in there.

Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

Know more about Sean:

00:58 – Introduction
06:43 – Quality conversations
17:12 – A strong man bends the world
28:09 – Taking life for granted
47:59 – Protecting billionaires’ kids
01:00:44 – Facing yourself
01:14:50 – Nobody’s perfect
01:29:06 – Level of operation
01:36:33 – End Credits

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